JICA, Quezon City make efforts to reduce air pollution by piloting 20 e-trikes from BEMAC-Uzushio Electric Co.

The Quezon City local government is piloting the use of 20 electric tricycles from a Japanese company in a move to reduce air pollution and provide alternate means of commuting among its residents. 

Said move is part of local government efforts to encourage use of electric vehicles and lessen greenhouse gas emissions. 

Japanese company BEMAC-Uzushio Electric Co. introduced the electric tricycles under the Partnership with the Private Sector Scheme of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) that encourages Japanese private sector to participate in win-win partnerships with developing countries. 

"Sharing Japanese technology is one way JICA continues to assist the Philippines in addressing its development challenges. With this project with the Quezon City government, we aim to support the Philippines in addressing air pollution woes and alternate accessible transport means," said JICA Senior Representative Tetsuya Yamada. 

Motor vehicles account for 80% of air pollution in Metro Manila, a 2016 report from the Department of Natural and Environment Resources (DENR) said. 

Under the project, BEMAC will study the feasibility of an electric tricycle business model in the Philippines. Fleet shifting from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles can result in the reduction of air pollutants by more than half for equivalent emissions, according to a study by the Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (College of Science, UP Diliman). Powered by a lithium-ion battery, BEMAC's electric tricycles are equipped with state-of-the-art Japanese technology such as the Power Control Unit (PCU). The PCU is composed of the vehicle control unit responsible for maintaining the various components of the electric vehicle at ideal conditions, as well as the motor, inverter, and other important parts. 

Aside from electric tricycles, JICA is also sharing Japanese technology with the Philippines through a number of Japanese private sector projects in wastewater treatment and water purification system, among others.

Jica 1


The 20 e-tricycles will be used in the routes shown above.


Jica 2

The use of e-trikes is promoted by the Quezon City local government to reduce air pollution and provide

alternative means of commuting among its residents (photo from QC-LGU)


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