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The 68VM Electric Tricycle has undergone many cycles of testing to ensure high reliability. Having completed many local regulatory requirements, the 68VM is LTO-compliant and is recognized by financing institutions as a vehicle qualified for lien. The arrival of BEMAC 68VM marks the beginning of an era for quality electric vehicles with equally-reliable after-sales services and technical support. Each three-wheeled electric vehicle assembled in the Philippines is a testament to the passion that BEMAC takes in its products and skills. With the capacity to produce minimum of 500 units per month, BEMAC can easily meet the Philippine EV demand.



Dimensions and Weight

Length/Width/Height (mm) 3300/1440/1820
Wheelbone (mm) 2450
Thread (mm) 1240
Ground Clerance (mm) 170
Net Weight (kg) 530
Gross Weight (kg) 915
Passenger Capacity (person) 6 + 1 (driver)


Minimum Turning Radius (m) 4.3
Maximum Speed (kph) 50
Mileage per Charge (km) 60 @ 20kph constant
Climbing ability (degrees) 16


Proprietary Vehicle Control Unit governs battery management systems, motor control and safety features
Tough, robust and rust-proofed chassis designed for Philippine road conditions
On-board 220V charger included.
Charge anywhere, anytime!

Regenerative braking.

Powerful 5kW AC Motor and flood resistant gearbox assembly


Vehicle Control Unit:

Integrates safety, energy saving, riding comfort, battery management and motor control. High Performance Long-life Lithium-ion Battery. Does not overheat, hassle-free, and very safe.

 vcu illustration