VCU Technology

The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is an apparatus that controls the conditions of all the components of the e-trike to maintain the best results. The VCU provides output information based on input conditions.

Composition of EV-trikes and battery charging system

vcu illustration


VCU functions / importance


Ensure of safety when breakdown or improper use is happened

  • Fail-safe

Battery control system

High pressure control system

Range cable distance’s operation

Running control system

Saving Energy

Optimization of electric supply and use to ensure range distances

  • Effective utilization of battery
  • Effective energy collection

Regenerative brake control

Power saving control

Capacity operation of battery

Riding comfort Felling in five senses Transmission control system
  • Battery control system prevents short and electric shock accidents by cutting down the power supply when sensing collisions or electric leaks
  • Traction control system that prevents slips depending on the driving and road conditions
  • Management of the charging situation in consideration of aged deterioration of batteries
  • Brake control system adjusts regeneration torques in urban or downhill areas
  • Smooth departure controlled creep to control motor outputs for accelerator operation
  • Compatibilities or version upgrades
  • Information integration

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