• Message From The President

Message from the President


This country is a place of abundance, of unparalleled beauty from its mountains and seas of warm smiles and helping hands.

But changes happened.

Chaos, smoke, and garbage. This is the challenge before us now. The question that we need to answer is: Can we do the good change?

We, the BEMAC Group, are making a pledge - a legacy of bringing back the beautiful Philippines.

As a Japanese company with the world's top share and over 70 years of experience in producing electrical and electronic products for large-scale vessel worldwide, and with more than 1,500 employees stationed in Japan, China, Vietnam and Singapore, we transferred this expertise into creating an electric vehicle that can be part of this transportation for Philippines.

We set a high standard for the EVs and have strived to ensure the highest safety and quality specifications for our electric vehicle for the Philippines. It is also the fruit of collaboration between our company and the Filipino friends we met and are working with us despite the many challenges to reach our goal.

At the same time, we try to bring our philosophy about "customer satisfaction" to the industry. We don't finish our responsibility from manufacturing till delivery of our products to customers. We commit to extend our best service to all our customers while they use our products. We consider the function to be more important for us than production and sales.

I strongly believe that you will have a chance to see our products and ride on it somewhere in Philippines. At that occasion, please remember our commitment to this country "Creating a blue sky for our children".

Maramig salamat po.